Pokemon GO getting new Pokemon soon - Gold and Silver incoming?

Pokemon GO is about to get some new monsters, and we'll find out what they are next week. Niantic has announced that it will be revealing new Pokemon for Pokemon GO on December 12. With that announcement now scheduled, Niantic didn't get anymore specific about what to expect, so we're left waiting to see what it has up its sleeve.

There are ultimately two possibilities here: Niantic could either add the legendary Pokemon from the Red/Blue/Yellow era that have thus far been missing from the game, or it could add the roster from Gold and Silver. Niantic just recently added Ditto into the game, which suggests that we might be seeing the other rare Pokemon from that generation added sooner rather than later.

The generation 1 legendary Pokemon that still need to be added include Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mewtwo, and Mew. While anything and everything should be considered possible at this point in time, it doesn't seem all that likely that Niantic is talking about legendary Pokemon here. It's hinted in the past that it has a larger plan for those rare monsters, so we may have to wait until a special event to get the opportunity to catch them.

On the other hand, it's been rumored that the 100 Pokemon from Gold and Silver would be added to Pokemon GO in a December update. One would assume that eventually Niantic and Nintendo want Pokemon GO to feature the entire Pokemon roster, which now comes in at 802 thanks to the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon. By adding the Pokemon from Gold and Silver to Pokemon GO, it may do something to tempt the folks who have quit playing since launch to return.

So, hope for the legendaries from generation one, but expect the Pokemon from Gold and Silver. Luckily we don't have much longer to wait, since Niantic will have more information for us on Monday. With a cross-promotion with Starbucks right around the corner, whatever is coming next week should be big, so stay tuned.