Pokemon Go December update tipped to add 100 new creatures

Pokemon Go players may be enjoying the appearance of new creature Ditto and the quest to catch one right now, but it appears they may soon be getting the ability to catch many, many more new Pokemon — 100, to be exact. It seem the recent update to the mobile game that introduced the Thanksgiving Ditto event also included code and data on an additional 100 creatures, as well as several big new gameplay features.

Both PokeVS and The Silph Road have managed to dig into latest update's code, uncovering data on 100 new Pokemon, including both normal and Legendary types. But while the creatures technically exist within the game's data, they have no movesets yet, and an update to both the servers and the app is still needed before they can actually appear.

Other new features indicated in the code digging include the introduction of player-vs-players battles, player trading, and new ways to train and raise Pokemon. These are all features that have been promised by developer Niantic as coming to the game at some point, but with no firm timeline of release.

The developer has also said that the new set of Pokemon, or Gen 2, will be introduced as part of a future update, but it's not clear if they plan to rollout new creatures and features gradually, over a period of weeks, or simply all at once. Current rumors are pointing towards a December update for Pokemon Go, potentially making for a nice increase in play over the remaining holiday, but we'll have to wait a bit longer to see how much new content that unlocks.

SOURCE PokeVS, Silph Road