Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update leaked early (with Christmas secrets) [UPDATE]

We now have a full list of Pokemon GO updates, including Gen 2 and Christmas, that'll be coming in the next several weeks to Android and iOS. Today Niantic's announcement will give a limited amount of information surrounding New Pokemon in Pokemon GO. This announcement of an announcement was first made on December 7th, 5 days before this article is scheduled to be published. This new collection of Pokemon will change the way the game works – not necessarily the mechanics of the game, but the way in which users seek out which Pokemon and use Pokeballs when and where.

When the announcement of the announcement was made, Niantic and the Pokemon Company were extremely vague. They said, "The Pokémon Company International and Niantic, Inc. will reveal details on December 12 about the addition of more Pokémon to Pokémon GO." This does not mean that a whole new set of Pokemon will replace spawns of Pokemon from Gen 1, it means that new Pokemon will appear in the game where they wouldn't have otherwise been.

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While Niantic previously suggested that Pokemon GO's Gen 2 would appear in early 2017, all signs (including our insider source) point to a set of early Christmas presents. Niantic wouldn't be so bold as to suggest this was for a single holiday, mind you – that's just me. This release won't fall ON Christmas, and will be slightly separate from the official Holiday Event.

The Holiday Event will take place starting on the 21st of December, 2016. It will last through 2017. As it was with previous events, Niantic will announce an end-date (probably the 1st of January), but effects will last beyond then. It may be that Niantic is getting better at cutting off Event effects on time, but don't count on it quite yet.

Before the event begins, Niantic's announcement today will show the true nature of the "Gen 2 Update." The release of Gen 2 will include the full list of 100 Pokemon we mentioned earlier in the game code. This does not mean that all 100 Pokemon will be available immediately.

Gen 2 will be released in a manner similar to Gen 1, in that the full set of Pokemon are in the game's code, but not all are available for capture immediately. Some Pokemon need more time to work out game mechanics, like Ditto, for example. Legendary Pokemon are also going to be absent from gameplay, but included in game code.

Above you'll see a Pokemon GO grid of Pokemon. In this grid are all Pokemon that'll be released with Gen 2 as well as what's out in Gen 1. The Pokemon marked with Pokeballs will not be available in the game in the year 2016. These Pokemon will be in the game soon or are already in the game now, they're just waiting to be activated.

UPDATE: With confirmation from Niantic and The Pokemon Company, we've added Ultra Balls to the two Pokemon from this chart that'll be appearing in the game next – Pichu and Togepi!

Stick around as we compare notes with Niantic and The Pokemon Company as they make their announcement later today. See our @TeamPokemonGO Twitter Portal for more information as it appears – right on the dot!

UPDATE: Niantic and The Pokemon Company have released the following text.

See the video below from Niantic and The Pokemon Company to see how this update will be affecting you and your game starting today. And let us know if you find anything other than Pichu and Togepi!