Pokemon GO Event : Anniversary Box update [doing the math]

This afternoon the next Pokemon GO update went live as a 1-year Anniversary Event. This event contained a single Anniversary Box in its in-game store – available for the length of the event only. In this box were (and are) a set of items whose values are very close to that of the full cost of the box itself. Right here we're adding it all up.

Inside the box is a set of 6x Incubators, 6x Max Revives, 2x Raid Passes, and 20x Ultra Balls. Because of the current state of the game, only some very unique circumstances would make this set of items for this amount of money a deal.

Contents of Anniversary Box in Pokemon GO:

• 6x Incubators normal cost: 900 coins

• 2x Raid Passes normal cost: 200 coins

• 6x Max Revives normal cost: 180 coins

• 20x Ultra Balls normal cost: N/A

The Ultra Balls are the only items not normally for sale in the in-game store. Ultra Balls can normally only be found at PokeStops or at Pokemon Gym locations. TELL YO KIDS: Pokemon GO is fun again (for real this time) Even if we were very generous and tripled the cost of 20x Pokeballs to get an estimation of the cost of 20x Ultra Balls, we'd have 300 coins.

If that were true, the entire box would be worth 1580 coins. Excluding the Ultra Balls, these items could otherwise be purchase individually for a total of 1280 coins. The price of the box in the game at the time this article is set to be published is 1200 coins.

If the player needs an abundance of Ultra Balls really quick, this is an OK deal – but only if they also need the rest of the items. If the player otherwise spends 1200 coins, they could potentially get:

1200 coins in Pokemon GO is worth:

• 6x Bag Upgrades OR

• 6x Pokemon Storage Upgrades OR

• 8x Egg Incubators OR

• 12x Premium Raid Passes OR

• 13x Lure Modules (1x 8-pack + 5x 1-packs) OR

• 15x Lucky Eggs OR

• 18x Incense (2x 8-packs + 2x 1-packs) OR

• 42x Max Revives OR

• 60x Max Potions OR

• 240x Pokeballs

Basically what I'm saying is that there's a bunch of different ways to spend 1200 coins – several of which are better than spending them on this random box of items. Just because the box looks neat and rare doesn't mean it's worth the coins you'll pay. Meanwhile we're still on the lookout for that Ash Hat Pikachu, Shiny Pikachu, and Ho-oh – oh, you didn't know?