Pokemon GO Easter Event: details tipped early [UPDATED w/ Confirmation]

The Pokemon GO Easter Event begins tomorrow and will last one full week with a set of benefits for all users in the game. Information on this event will likely be announced by Niantic either later today or midday tomorrow when Easter Weekend starts – if you're getting a very early start on Easter Weekend, that is to say. This event falls in line with previous Pokemon GO events in that both Pokemon Eggs and Experience Points (XP) are affected! NOTE: Information on this event was, indeed, announced by Niantic less than 24 hours after this initial article was released, and our sources (and insight) were given additional street cred. We missed one thing – half-priced Lucky Eggs!

Since it's Easter and the most popular way to celebrate Easter Weekend is with Easter Eggs, Niantic is tipped to tip the egg rarities a bit. Instead of the rarest Pokemon in the game showing up in Pokemon Eggs the least, they'll be far more common. Until we get some research information from a source like the Silph Road community, we won't know just how big the changes will be.

We're also waiting for confirmation of a Pikachu with Bunny Ears – but we're not holding our breath on that one. It would be awesome, yes, but sometimes you gotta hold the Pikachu back for surprises only!

Big Time Egg Party

We do have a grasp on which Pokemon are rare and which will be showing up a bit more commonly than before. The list you see below is separated by egg distance as well as contents. It's possible that all of these Pokemon will become just as common as their most-common brethren – we'll see soon!

Inside 2KM Egg

• Misdreavus (generally the rarest of the bunch)

• Remoraid (that nasty-looking fish thing)

• Togepi (super duper cutie!)

• Slugma (like a big pile of goop)

• Pichu (tiny baby Pikachu!)

• Igglybuff (tiniest child of the king of beasts)

• Cleffa (watch out for their entrancing song)

Inside 5KM Egg

• Grimer (a big ol' bowl of snot)

• Kabuto (ancient rock monster)

• Koffing (the most Pirate-friendly of Pokemon)

• Lickitung (belongs in Jabba's Palace)

• Omanyte (ancient water monster)

• Porygon (easily the best of the bunch, for looks)

• Dunsparce (definitely not an earwig)

• Girafarig (a disturbing tail)

• Yanma (don't let them buzz too close)

• Wobuffet (completely absurd)

• Sneasel (looks radical, generally decent)

• Shuckle (the worst Pokemon of all)

• Quilfish (they shall puff un-2 you)

Inside 10KM Egg

• Aerodactyl (ancient bag of bones)

• Lapras (hulking water monster)

• Snorlax (everybody's favorite for all things)

• Miltank (a pink cow with udders)

• Scarmony (heavy metal eagle)

• Chansey (child of the heaving bulk)

• Mareep (shockingly rare sheep)

• Sudowoodo (should not be in 10KM egg, funny to look at)

Together, these deliver the egg portion of our very special event discussion today. They'll probably be a whole lot more common than they've been in the past, so it's high time to actually take the time to hatch some eggs – go for it! It's unclear at the moment whether egg contents are generated when they're found or when they're hatched – but the former is probably truer than the latter.

Double XP time, son!

Just as it was in the past, in the good ol' days of the first several Pokemon GO events, this Easter Event will bless us with XP. Double XP for hatching eggs. Double XP for winning battles. Double XP for all the things that normally give a regular amount of XP.

There's really no super secret way to go about getting additional XP unless you count the secret app-close XP method. Have a peek at what that's all about in our Easter Event Update Prep guide. There you'll find how the Pidgey can be your best friend, ever!


It's going to be super great for people who've not been cheating their way to level 40 for the past several months. For everyone that's already found all the Pokemon available in the game and have reached level 40 – this event is completely useless and should prove to be a giant disappointment. For all the legit players out there – expect this event to start sometime in early afternoon tomorrow, April 13th, 2017.

For more information on this event and future events, stick around our @TeamPokemonGO Twitter portal. Leaks and tips and oddities are there, too!