Pokemon GO Easter Event Start Time, Details, Strategy

This afternoon the Pokemon GO Easter Event begins – though you wont find Niantic calling it that, exactly. Instead, Niantic calls this their Pokemon GO Eggstravaganza, and it begins this afternoon. In this event we'll find that a "greater variety of Pokemon can now be found in 2 km Eggs," in addition to additional Candy in every egg hatched. There's a bit more XP to be had at this event as well.

Easter Eggs

During this Eggstravaganza, Pokemon GO will have a wider variety of Pokemon in the 2km egg. This very likely means that all the Pokemon we mentioned in our early leak of this event will be in the 2km egg instead of being more common in the larger eggs – which is good news for everybody. Every one of those hard-to-reach Pokemon normally only appearing in 10km or 5km eggs – or in some of the oddest places on earth – might well pop up for you after just 2km of jogging.

Each egg will now also give the user more Candy. Every time a Pokemon Egg cracks, it gives the user a new Pokemon as well as an inordinate amount of Pokemon Candy. With this Pokemon GO special event, that inordinate amount of candy will become even MORE inordinate.

Experience Points X2

Throughout this special event, users will find that they gain double the XP from every activity that gives them XP normally. The item Lucky Egg, which normally gives 2X XP, will double that amount. As such, every user will earn 4X XP whenever they crack open a Lucky Egg.

To make maximum use of the event, Niantic will be kicking the price for Lucky Eggs down a notch. Half-off the normal price of Lucky Eggs will give users the opportunity to really cram in the XP over the next 7 days. Get out there and get those Pidgeys while the Pidgey-finding is hot! And don't forget to use the Easter-Prep Method as we've outlined!

Wrap-up and Release

Double XP and a new unique blend of awesome Pokemon appearing in 2km eggs is what's going down over the next 7 days. Lucky Eggs, which give users 4X the XP this week, will cost half as much as they normally do. It's an Easter Eggs themed event without directly referencing Easter.

According to Niantic, the event starts at 1PM PDT – that's 2PM Mountain Time, 3PM Central Time, and 4PM Eastern Time. The event ends a few days later, 1PM PDT on the 20th of April, 2017. That's 7-days later, or one full week. During that time – also during Easter Break or Easter Holiday for quite a few people around the world, there'll be a whole lot more time to walk. Hop to it!