Pokemon GO Daily Bonus "Streak" update detailed for release

A new update for Pokemon GO is on the way with "Daily Bonus" streaks for all players. This "x day streak" bonus structure will encourage trainers to get up, get out, and play as often as possible. Each bonus appears at a minimal level for the first day through the 6th day. On the 7th day, the bonus becomes large – larger than it'd been any day before.

The two major activities that are set to get a bonus in Pokemon GO are capturing Pokemon and visiting PokeStops. The key here is the term "daily bonus" – Niantic means for this to be an incentive to play every day. It should be clear that their experience with Halloween gave them a kick in the pants for bonuses and rewards for playing on certain days.

For catching a Pokemon every day, a trainer will receive 500 XP as well as 600 Stardust. This might not seem like a lot – at first. But for those trainers out in rural areas where few Pokemon and/or PokeStops are found, it can really add up. Once a trainer has captured a Pokemon every day for 7-days straight, they'll receive 2,000 XP and 2,400 Stardust.

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Visiting a PokeStop (and spinning the Photo Disk) will give a trainer 500 XP – and the items they'd normally get, and more. Each time a trainer hits their "Daily Bonus" for a PokeStop, "increased item drops" will occur. This will only happen one time per day – likely the first time you visit a PokeStop every day.

It does not matter which PokeStop the trainer visits every day – it does not have to be the exact same PokeStop. Once a trainer has visited a PokeStop seven days in a row, that seventh day will grant 2,000 XP and "even greater item drops." This information comes straight from an official Niantic representative, not an anonymous PokeSource.

This update will be coming quite soon, heading device-side for both Android and iOS (iPhone) devices. We're expecting this update to appear within the next week. Stick around SlashGear's Pokemon GO Twitter portal for more.