Pokemon GO Update makes game far more safe

Pokemon Go's most recent update has placed a new block on unsafe playing activities. One of the features we suggested should be in place from the start is now part of the game in a big way: a block on driving. This block on driving affects all players the game detects moving at 30 miles per hour or higher. Once the game detects a player moving too fast, all Pokemon spawns disappear.

Pokemon no longer spawn around a players moving too fast, and progressive bonuses die. Each time a player begins to move at 30 miles per hour or faster, Pokemon Eggs and Buddy Pokemon meters stop. Older versions of the app are now forced to update to this newest version to play.

Pokemon GO update tweaks gym battles and catching bonuses

To get this update, users will seek out "Pokemon GO" in their respective app stores. This will lead to the official Pokemon GO app as developed by Niantic. This is just the latest in a line of quick-fire updates to come from the company in the past several weeks.

The price new players are paying will be slim, as they don't have to get used to the change. Players that have always been able to use their vehicle to advance will have a far more difficult time. This update is another of Niantic's "equalizer" measures to make the game fair to all players.

What's odd about this feature its lack of mention in the update notes for the app. Niantic hasn't mentioned the block of speedy trainers yet. A previous version of the app had a sort of blocking alert for trainers moving too fast, but not a block. Our guess is that they saw far too little results and felt the need to ramp up their efforts.

Have you found this new block to make the game unplayable? Where do you play Pokemon GO most often? What's going to happen come winter time?