Pokemon GO Christmas Event 2017 has 2 big secrets

It's holiday 2017 time in the Pokemon GO universe, and we're getting pumped up about the prospects. Today we're running down what might be, what won't be, and what WILL be for certain during this most contradictory holiday session. The first element we're going to talk about is a new Pokemon, one ready-made and perfect for a holiday event, complete with gift bag.

Today we're working with a series of tips from a couple of sources with knowledge of subject matter. As this is not firsthand official information from Niantic, I suggest you take everything I present here with a grain of salt. Salt is always good to have when speaking about this holiday anyway as it can get a little slippery.

We expect once again that this month will produce one of the goofiest Pokemon of all: Delibird. We'd heard more than once that Delibird might come last year – but due to unforeseen circumstances, that didn't end up panning out. Almost as if Delibird was fooling us from the beginning.

The relatively rare Delibird is not to be confused for any sort of very powerful Pokemon. Delibird is, instead, a sort of trophy. Delibird is a Pokemon that you catch one of, then never try to find another.

Finding Delibird might be easy at first. During the holiday event, Delibird will likely appear pretty much everywhere, in any biome. Once the holiday event passes, Delibird will stick to significant bodies of water and in grassy areas.

Delibird, like many Ice Type Pokemon, has a strange set of Weak/Strong combinations. Delibird is strong against ground and grass, yet weak against rock. So if you're going to throw a rock at Delibird, make sure you didn't pick it up directly from the ground or from a patch of grass.

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Delibird will have either Quick Attack or Ice Shard for its quick move, both of which have a DPS (damage per second) value of 10. Its charge moves are Ice Punch, Aerial Ace, and Icy Wind, with DPS of 26, 23, and 18 (rounded). With a maximum CP of 937, this little monster isn't going to be at the top of anyone's Best Pokemon lists for battle.

One a Delibird is captured, it'll take 5 KM to find 1 new Buddy Candy. As yet, Delibird is not known to evolve from or to any other Pokemon. Delibird is a Medium-sized Pokemon, and its rarity (in the general game) is not yet known.

The release of Delibird during the holiday break this year is not 100% certain until said update goes live. Don't place any big-money bets on the situation! But DO please feel free to start your Delibird fanart collection in preparation.

This holiday season will NOT be the home of a whole new generation of Pokemon. That release comes early next year, at earliest. We also do NOT expect that Niantic will release all of the updates they promised at the beginning of the year.

In that assertion is the other big secret. I don't have as much confidence in this tip as the Delibird release simply because another major update this year feels very unlikely. If Niantic releases a Pokemon Trading update, they won't release a PvP update, and vice-versa.

Unless Niantic has some majorly excellent-at-secret-keeping developers this season, we'll be waiting until 2018 before the game has any other earth-shattering changes. Keep an eye out for the bird, and another event were we see double stardust, and holiday gifts in the in-game shop, of course.