PlayStation Vita update brings folders, chat enhancements, and more

A software update is rolling out today that will update your PlayStation Vita to version 2.10. The new update brings a few new features and several enhancements to improve the PlayStation Vita's user experience. You will now be able to create folders in your Vita that can store up to 10 games/apps, group messaging has been greatly improved, the web browser can now stream video, and some new tweaks have been added to the notifications.

Before, your PlayStation Vita was limited to displaying only 100 apps, no matter how much storage space you have on the device. The new folders option should help resolve that issue. To create a folder, all you need to do is tap and hold your screen to enter "editing mode". Then you can "create folder" and drag 10 games/apps into that folder. Group messaging has also been modified, allowing you to message as many of your contacts as you want. Video playback has also been implemented into the PS Vita's web browser. You can now stream videos from YouTube or other media sites, however, some videos may not be supported by the Vita.

Notifications has also been improved. You can now check which game you have loaded into your PlayStation Vita by checking your information bar. Email has also been improved, now allowing you to view HTML messages. There is also a new search function that allows you to search for your emails. There should also be some behind-the-scene improvements with this update that should improve the performance of your device.

While Vita owners in the United States will be receiving their update today, those of you in Europe will have to wait until tomorrow to get it. If you haven't purchased a PlayStation Vita yet, and have been considering buying one, check out your local retailer to see if they are one of the ones that offer it for the discounted $199 price-tag. Also be sure to check out our PlayStation Vita review to see all that it has to offer.