PlayStation Vita only stores 100 apps

The PlayStation Vita is Sony's latest portable gaming console, but while it may come with awesome graphics and a huge screen, there's one caveat that's more than mildly annoying. It turns out that the Vita can only display 100 apps at a time, regardless of the amount of storage space that's available.

One user reported on the NeoGAF forums that, while he did have a 32GB memory card (with 9GB free), his PlayStation Vita would only allow 100 apps to display, and in order to download more apps, he would have to delete some to make room, and then restart the portable gaming device to have the changes go into effect.

The user's PlayStation Vita contained "around 50 Minis, 10 PSOne titles, 20 or so mandatory apps, and 20 Vita/PSP games/apps" on the 32GB memory card. While the Vita limits itself to 100 apps regardless of storage capacity, it seems the only workaround is to have multiple memory cards, each with 100 apps and games at most.

Then again, that defeats the whole purpose of having a high-capacity 32GB memory card in the first place, but that seems like the only way around it at this point. Sony has yet to comment on the situation, but you can guarantee that we'll hear from them soon, and hopefully this problem is just a bug that'll eventually get fixed, but we won't hold our breath.

[via Engadget]