PlayStation 4 price structure undercuts Xbox One by a bill

Chris Burns - Jun 10, 2013, 10:28pm CDT
PlayStation 4 price structure undercuts Xbox One by a bill

Just hours after Microsoft’s presentation at E3 2013, home to a market point and additional presentation of the Xbox One, Sony came out to reveal their heat. With the Xbox One priced at a cool $499 in the USA, Sony’s announcement of the PlayStation 4 price at $399 USD sent the crowd howling, literally. This attached to the idea that PlayStation 4 would support used games and did not require an internet connection made for a real one-two-three punch we’re sure Sony was aiming for.

This machine will be delivered “this holiday season” with Sony making certain it doesn’t reveal any hard and fast dates before Microsoft does. At least, that’s what appears to be happening given the extreme close proximity of the two pricing announcements, as it were. The PlayStation 4 is also set at 399 Euro across most of Europe, so sayeth Sony.

The PlayStation 4 was also reintroduced with hardware intact. Back at the first Sony showing of the machine, the PS4 was only delivered as a conceptual beast, no casing to speak of. Though we’d seen the sensors that’ll sit up front to detect the users motions aside the wireless controller it’ll all be controlled with, Sony’s showing of a rather sharp console this evening showed the company to truly begin to mean business.

Have a peek at the visions above and below and let us know if you’re about to consider this machine given the next-generation concepts such as used game sharing (shown below) and price cutting the feet out under Microsoft. What do you think about the PlayStation 4 now?

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