Plan On Getting A Dell Venue Pro From A Microsoft Store Today? Run, Don't Walk.

The rumors are true, the Dell Venue Pro is, in fact, available today at Microsoft's seven flagship stores today, and they're flipping out the door like hotcakes. The fine folks at Engadget called up one of those stores and asked about availability getting a response of yes, but good luck. If you do happen to get to one of the stores in time, you'll be paying $199 for a new line or eligible upgrade, or $449 for just the device.

In about a week, everyone will be able to access this box full of Dell Venue Pro goodness through Dell's homepage on the internet (that being on the 15th of this month, November 2010.) This phone is supposedly coming in two configurations, that being the 8GB and the 16GB, but stores seem to be unable to tell which ones they are stocking. Weird!

[Via Engadget]