Pixel 6 vs 6 Pro vs 5: What I can tell you before our review

We're in the process of a pair of reviews of the Google Pixel 6 and the Google Pixel 6 Pro here, and it's rough! It's difficult not being able to go in-depth on every tiny detail and difference between the two devices before the Google review embargo – but here we are. At the moment, I'm able to tell you a lot about the hardware.

In the box

Both the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro have the same gear in the box – one USB-C cord, a USB-C to USB-A converter, SIM card tool, and documentation. Neither device NEEDS a protective case, but I'd recommend you get one regardless of which device you buy.

You do not get a charging block in the box. The bit that the USB-C cord connects to in order to plug in to a wall socket – that's not in the box. You'll need to either buy one separately (SEE: Google Store's "Google 30W USB-C Charger" for $25 USD) or use one of the many, many chargers you likely have in a drawer at home.

SIDENOTE: You might also want to avoid 3rd-party chargers and cords, as we've discussed in lint in the past. It's important to do all you can to avoid starting a fire.

Flat or Curved

The display glass on the Pixel 6 is flat, while the display glass on the Pixel 6 Pro has curved left and right sides. This gives the device a more "premium" feel, but it might be your preference to use a non-curved panel.

The edges of the Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro are significantly different, too. Though the majority of the people using the devices will end up using a case that covers the edges of the devices, one should note the shiny silver of the one and the matte black of the other.

Above you'll see both the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro in their Google-made "Pixel 6 Case" and "Pixel 6 Pro Case" cases. They're available from Google for $29 USD each.


The Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro both have glass fronts and backs, and they're both quite slippery as a result. Because of what Google calls the "Pixel Camera Bar" element at the back, these devices do not sit flat without a case.

With Google's standard cases (made with recycled materials), the bar is compensated for AND given a bit of extra protection with a little extra bump of material. The Google-made cases of which we speak will cost you approximately $30 apiece.


If you're reading this, considering the prices of both devices, you might already know: You might have very little choice over which version of the device you have available to order. It would appear that the first wave of devices sold exceedingly well on pre-order... or Google didn't anticipate that so many devices would be sold in so short a time.

In any case, the Google Pixel 6 has a starting price of around $599 for the unlocked version, and $699 if you're buying the mmWave-capable version from AT&T or Verizon. You'll want to Make sure you know which version you're buying. The Google Pixel 6 Pro has a starting price at around $899 – for the 128GB version, and the other two (256, 512GB versions are sold out at Google right this minute) – so good luck!

Pixel 5 to Pixel 6

The Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro have a very similar set of basic elements. They have sizeable displays – if you do not have both devices in-hand, you might never notice the difference between the two. Holding the two devices together with their cases on makes for a compelling argument that there's no need to pay more for the bigger machine.

If you're moving from the basic Google Pixel 5 to the basic Google Pixel 6 OR 6 Pro, you'll find the display size difference to be MAJOR. The display corners are sharper, the front-facing camera hole in the display is in the center instead of the left corner, and the fingerprint reader is no longer at the back – it's in the front, in the display.

I'll be able to tell you more about the software and experience differences once we get to the full review next week, but for now, just know: Google Pixel 5 and Google Pixel 6 are very, very different machines – almost like they're designed by completely different industrial design teams.

Stick around and ask all the questions you like about the Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro here on SlashGear. Our full review will be posted in the main news feed next week, just before release time!