Philips hue tap battery-free light switch finally reaches US

Chris Davies - Jul 18, 2014, 10:52am CDT
Philips hue tap battery-free light switch finally reaches US

Philips’ hue tap wireless, battery-free light switch for the company’s color-changing bulbs has finally arrived in the US, allowing the smartphone-phobic still still get in on the home automation action. The ZigBee switch uses kinetic power to switch between up to four preset hue scenes, meaning it can be stuck to a wall without cabling being required, or moved around from coffee table to nightstand.

Sales of hue tap kicked off in Europe at the end of June. While Philips had expected to have US availability at the same time, however, a stock issue led to delays.

Still, for many home automation fans, the wait is worth it. Although there are a few light switches intended to control smart home systems, they generally require installation, such as replacing the existing dumb switches mounted on the wall.

Since one of the main appeals of hue is its plug-and-play installation, a wired-in switch probably wasn’t going to cut it. hue tap obviously lacks most of the features and controls that the hue app for smartphones and tablets has – and the app is still required to set the system up – but it’s a neat convenience feature for when you want to switch presets without pulling out your phone.

Unfortunately it could get a little expensive to outfit every room in your home with the switch. hue tap is available from the Apple Store online, and in select Apple retail locations, from today, priced at $59.95.

SOURCE Apple Store

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