Pharrell Williams interviews Spock

Chris Burns - Dec 20, 2013
Pharrell Williams interviews Spock

As part of a creator series of interviews called “ARTST TLK”, the multi-platform artist known as Pharrell Williams has brought aboard none other than Leonard Nimoy for a chat. While this actor, synonymous with his iconic half-human/half-alien Star Trek character Spock, has had many chats on the subject, this one is unique. This one is like watching the world’s biggest geek speak with an unnatural amount of restraint while asking questions so well thought out, you’d swear he’d written them over the course of a lifetime.

For those of you not simply running down to the video to click play, here’s the reason why this interview is rad: even if you don’t know who Pharrell Williams is, you’ve certainly heard something he’s made. Over the past year he’s had his hand in some of the most major music hits to come out, including Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky”, Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines”, and appeared in the drummer sessions of the Man of Steel (2013 film) soundtrack by Hans Zimmer.

The reason Pharrell participated in the Man of Steel is because he’d met with Hans Zimmer for their work on Dispicable Me. Pharrell was the main musical mind involved in both Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2 along with other legendary artists like – you guessed it – Hans Zimmer. The voice you hear singing in songs on both Despicable Me movies is Pharrell.


The first time we caught wind of Pharrell doing some sort of collaboration with Nimoy was 3 whole months ago when the artist posted one single photo to his Instagram account. This photo was a sign of things to come. Judging solely on their choice of attire – compared to the interview video above – they’ve likely done more than one project since.


Pharrell Williams adoration for Spock also goes all the way back to his co-creation of the producer and entertainment group “Star Trak”. This modification of the original Star Trek logo you see before you was one half of the appropriation: the group also tosses up Spock’s Vulcan Peace Sign more often than he does the more common human peace sign the rest of the universe uses.


Above you’ll see Williams standing next to Busta Rhymes (common Star Trak collaborator) tossing the signs for the camera. The creation of this sign and one whole heck of a lot more is discussed at length in the interview above. Have a peek!

VIA: Leonard Nimoy

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