Audi Spock vs Spock continues Star Trek crossover advertising

As it was with the Acer Enterprise-esque spot that turned out to be a rather strange Windows 8 computer by the name of Aspire R7 last month, so too do the stars of Star Trek appear this week in a video spot for Audi. In their newest crossover appearance, both original Spock and new-age Spock have a bit of a battle on the road, complete with so many Star Trek references your head will spin. This spot is also home to a driverless / self-driven Audi vehicle in addition to the Audi S7, as driven by Zachary Quinto.

What the audience will find in this push for the film is an advertisement for an Audi vehicle stocked with infotainment system, light-up bits and pieces, and a presentation that makes Leonard Nimoy's ride look like a bit of a joke. Of course that's the point, as the new age – with Quinto, aka Spock from the newest series of Star Trek movies – makes way as the old – Leonard Nimoy, stays cool.

You'll find Nimoy making reference after reference not just to Star Trek in more form than one, but to his own professional (read: odd) past as well. For an extended period of his vehicle trip in this video he sings a new rendition of the classic "The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins", a song which he sang for a variety show in 1967 by he name of Malibu U. Because we live in an age where all things digital can be preserved, you'll be treated to this epic masterpiece as well, right this minute.

Please mind the 60's pixie women, if you can. Zachary Quinto meanwhile stays par for the course, ready to appear as Spock for the film Star Trek Into Darkness later this month – on the 17th of May, mind you. It's also rumored that Quinto will be returning to the most terrifying television show of all for another season soon: American Horror Story. Can't be too silly for that one.