Pandora open-source console Quake 60fps video demo

It's been a while since we saw the first video demo of a completed pre-production Pandora open-source gaming handheld, and now a Stormtrooper-white version is here to show off its 60fps Quake skills.  You're still not looking at finalized hardware, but all the buttons, D-pads, LEDs and keys are doing what they should.Video demo after the cut

The final production version of the Pandora will be black; this white casing is apparently to make spotting stress-points easier, and sadly won't be offered to buyers.  They're promising video evidence of the handheld running Quake 3 soon, which is unlikely to match the 60fps and dynamic lighting at 800 x 480 resolution of the first installment of the title, but which by simply running at all is darned impressive.

Last month the Pandora design-team revealed that the console would be compatible with certain 3G USB modems, meaning an available WiFi network wouldn't be necessary for online gaming.  Still no precise on-sale date, but we're hopefully close.

Building the Pandora case:

[via jkkmobile]