Pandora for Pebble now available

Pebble owners can now download Pandora for their smartwatch, giving them access to and control over their stations and music. To download Pandora, one will need the Pebble 2.0 app installed on their handset, at which point the music app can be downloaded by scanning its QR code.

This follows the company's unveiling of three new games for Pebble owners at GDC 2014 last month. With the announcement, owners were introduced to Icon Pop Quiz, Hatchi, and Mr. Runner: the first is self-explanatory, while Hatchi is based on classic Tamagachi devices, and Mr. Runner is a running stick figure game.

In other recent Pebble news, the company rolled out its appstore for iPhone and Android users in February, and about a month later it launched the Pebble 2.0 app for Android users following a short beta period.

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SOURCE: Pebble