Pebble Appstore For Android Beta Launches With A Few Bugs In Tow

As promised, Pebble rolled out an app store for its iPhone users earlier today, and Android users were left asking for info about when their own would surface. Fortunately, the wait was less than a day, with Pebble announcing a beta version of its appstore for Android — a few bugs notwithstanding.

As with all beta launches, those who take the plunge will likely come across some issues here and there. Pebble has published a list of known bugs, among them being some issues with pairing that can be avoided by pairing in the phone's Bluetooth setting before launching the Pebble app.

Configuration isn't possible if the app is running on the smartwatch at the moment, and initially installing an app with the Pebble load tool requires pressing "Load" on the phone to make the install happen. Developers will need to tweak a couple settings to use the app, and there are some other more particular issues you can check out on Pebble's website, as well.

The smartwatch maker hopes launching the beta will get the ball rolling faster, and asks users to report any bugs they come across, specifically from downloading apps from the appstore. In addition, Android developers are being sought by the company, which is seeking referrals and such from users.

SOURCE: Get Pebble