Palm webOS 1.2.0 update adds software killswitch to Pre

The list of feature tweaks, new functionality and general polishing webOS 1.2.0 brings to the Pre is enough to make a Palm addict get all misty-eyed, but the company have also taken the opportunity to sneak in a less-welcome addition to their App Catalog.  Over at My Pre they've been digging through the new T&Cs for the App Catalog which show up when you next run the download store after installing webOS 1.2.0; in them, Palm reveal that the Pre now has a "remote killswitch" to deactivate and remove applications you might have installed on your handset.

This killswitch, Palm says in the user agreement, gives them access to "add, remove, disable access to, block, or modify remotely" any application you may have installed to your Pre.  Several reasons for them doing this are suggested, including restrictions from third-party license holders.

Microsoft has recently been in the news after confirming that they, too, have a killswitch in Windows Marketplace for Mobile.  The furore forced them to clarify that the functionality would only be used if an application turned out to be harmful to a users' device. Palm is yet to comment on the killswitch themselves.

More details on the webOS 1.2.0 update here.