Palm P102UEU “Pre 2” clears FCC with Euro 3G/UMTS

Chris Davies - Oct 7, 2010, 3:22am CDT
Palm P102UEU “Pre 2” clears FCC with Euro 3G/UMTS

Palm’s new webOS smartphone looks to be another step closer to launch, with the European 3G/UMTS version crossing the FCC as the Palm P102UEU.  Tipped to be Europe’s Palm Pre 2, the test results apparently suggest a slider with very similar aesthetics to the existing Pre (since the two share the same part number for the Touchstone-compatible battery cover) and a 1GHz processor.

The news follows a sighting of the Palm P102UNA and Palm P102EWW in a European test database last month, which were believed to be North American versions of the same device for GSM and CDMA networks respectively.  The FCC filing adds another tidbit about the battery, which at 1,150mAh is the same capacity as the existing Pre power pack.

HP recent said that the company expects to launch new webOS smartphones in early 2011, but it’s unclear whether this particular refresh is the device in question.  There are also rumors of the Palm Mansion, tipped to be a touchscreen-only handset with a larger, WVGA resolution display.

[via Engadget and via PreCentral]

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