Orange UK next to scrap unlimited data; Vodafone to follow?

Chris Davies - Jun 11, 2010, 4:57 am CDT
Orange UK next to scrap unlimited data; Vodafone to follow?

UK carrier Orange is the next to follow O2 and AT&T, axing unlimited data packages from their contract range from July 2010.  The move follows Orange exec Guillaume van Gaver’s comments back in March that “unlimited data packages are not ultimately sustainable. Fair usage policies will be applied, because everyone has to recognise the challenge of carrying video.”  Meanwhile Vodafone are apparently expected to withdraw their own unlimited data offerings this coming summer.

No official details of the Orange data package changes have been released, but we’re guessing the carrier will follow rival O2’s pattern.  They announced three new bands of inclusive data for monthly contract customers, ranging from 500MB to 1GB, with 500MB and 1GB of extra data per month being billed at £5 and £10 respectively.

The carrier announced earlier this month that they would be one of several UK networks offering Apple’s new iPhone 4.  Meanwhile Orange are apparently also looking at introducing tiered mobile data services that would prioritise network access for premium customers, although van Gaver has said that would initially only be for business subscribers.

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