OnePlus One: invites likely nixed by June

Production is ramping up for the team at OnePlus for their first device, the OnePlus One. With the first wave of devices they've had to keep sales low, sending invites to "lucky" consumers that want to purchase this smartphone as soon as possible. With the most recent update sent out by the crew this week, it would appear that they'll have production at a level where far, far more consumers can pick a unit up at will by June.

For those of you who wanted to participate in the 100 phone smashing madness, those devices are "ready now." The team suggests that you'll want to smash your current phone in a video to receive a new unit asap – that's up to you, of course.

Between the middle of May and late May, a "larger batch" of the device will be made available for the "first batch of invites." This first batch will be limited to the 16GB version of the device in Silk White.

Fast forward to early June and a larger batch of the largest version of the device, with 64GB of storage inside, will be available in Sandstone Black. This will be followed by a late June release of "general availability" devices. It's suggested by OnePlus that they'll still need an invite at that point, but we're going to go ahead and guess that getting an invite will pretty much mean the same as heading in for a buy.

Have you had a peek at the OnePlus One yet? Check the timeline below for more details on this next-generation device – and please, do not smash your phone to get one.