OnePlus wants you to smash your phone

This week the folks at OnePlus are trying to promote their new OnePlus "One" device by telling users to smash their current phone. For those of you that've seen this offer sort of deal and have decided to get ahead of the pack, smashing your phone in advance – you may be in for a bit of a surprise wake-up call.

The team at OnePlus will be pushing a deal in which you'll sign up with them first. Once you've done that, they'll be selecting 100 people to smash their own phones on camera. If you're not selected, and you've already smashed your phone, it's tough luck for you. Don't destroy your phone in hopes that OnePlus will give you a new one.

OnePlus also has a list of devices they want destroyed. These include the following: From Motorola, the Motorola Moto X. Nokia devices include the Nokia Lumia 1020, 1520, 920, and 925. Sony's list includes the Sony Xperia Z, Z2, Z Ultra, or Z1.

For Samsung there's the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or Note 3 as well as the Galaxy S3, S4 or S5. HTC One M8, One M7, and One Max, but not the One Mini. LG G Flex, G2, G Pro 2, and Nexus 5, BlackBerry Z10 or Z30, and of course the iPhone 5, 5c, or 5s.

If you're chosen and you smash something other than what's listed above, you get nothing. Nothing but an annihilated piece of perfectly good smart device.

As noted by Android Central, there are plenty of better things you should be doing with a smartphone if you aren't planning on using it anymore. You can use HTC's Power to Give program, you can donate to Cell Phones for Soldiers, Secure the Call, or the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

By all means have a peek at the OnePlus One, but please don't waste perfectly good hardware to get one for "free." That's just silly.