OnePlus crowdsourced Beta features revealed

A release from OnePlus just revealed 5 user-recommended/suggested features that've been adopted as official updates for the future of OnePlus devices. This release builds on the previously-announced OnePlus Ideas program that's... not entirely unlike the LEGO Ideas program. That's a program in which everyday average users recommend ideas for the brand that the brand then uses if the ideas are both popular enough and realistic enough to implement.

The features listed by the OnePlus community manager Trista W. showed a next-generation collection the likes of which will enrich the OnePlus experience for years to come. On top of the list was "Always on Display," which was up top because large numbers of OnePlus users responded positively to the idea and, importantly, it was a feature that was realistic enough to implement for new OnePlus smartphones.

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According to Trista, Always on Display development is in progress and will be finished around June, "CBT/OBT coming in Aug/Sept [subject to changes, there are various factors working]." You'll likely need to participate in the OnePlus Open Beta Program at that time to gain access to the feature. The feature will eventually, ideally, be released to the general public as well – but we'll see!

The rest of the list for OnePlus IDEASOnePlus IDEAS is "in the roadmap" which does not mean it'll be released any time soon, but DOES mean that it's very likely we'll see the feature appear on OnePlus devices ... at some point.

- Enable fingerprint lock for hidden pictures in gallery: Included in the roadmap

- Play sound when the battery is fully charged: Included in the roadmap

- Folders within the app drawer: Included in the roadmap

- Adding more essential features to Zen Mode: Included in the roadmap

What might be more interesting to the everyday average user – especially one who does not expect to buy a NEW OnePlus device in the very near future – is the list of features that were recommended by the community, but decidedly denied a place on the development list.

1. Edge notification light

2. OnePlus Dex (desktop mode)

3. Call recording

4. Google message for the stock SMS/RCS app

5. Study mode

6. API support for Gcam

7. Improve the adaptive brightness

8. Custom fingerprint animations

9. Real-time weather wallpaper

10. Real One Hand Mode

11. AMOLED dark

12. Boost capabilities of the alert slider

13. An option to set battery charging limit to 80%

14. Variable charging speed

15. Allow users to choose which stock apps to install during set-up

Appearance on this list does not mean these features will NEVER appear on a OnePlus device. But if a feature is listed here, it's definitely not coming to legacy OnePlus devices any time soon. At least, not in any official capacity.