OnePlus IDEAS revealed: Brainstorms rewarded with event tickets

OnePlus just revealed a system with which they'll accept ideas from their community for possible implementation in their products. To reward users for ideas that make their way to implementation, OnePlus said they'll be giving away VIP Tickets to OnePlus events along with round-trip tickets and one-night accommodations for said event. They'll also be giving community members "Community credits" as rewards for participation, as well as items like OnePlus Bullets earbuds.

At the start, the OnePlus IDEAS platform is focused on software. It's not unreasonable to expect that OnePlus would eventually seek input on hardware, but the stages from ideation to creation there are a lot longer than they are on the software side – this is more realistic, for the moment.

"Good idea can come from anywhere. That's why we're implementing a new way to listen to our Community – making it easier for ideas to get heard and possibly implemented," says the OnePlus IDEAS site intro. "Let's start with software and improve OxygenOS together!"

The first round of ideation starts on March 5th, running until April 30, 2020. This IDEAS system has a review and selection process on the OnePlus administration side, which will take place every two weeks. OnePlus suggested today that there'll be a total of 4 rounds (for now).

The OnePlus IDEAS Community portal now shows ALL ideas as well as "My Ideas" – showing the ideas that each individual person has racked up. This system does not appear to cost a user any cash to join, enter, or participate, for the time being. Take a peek and see what you make of it!

ALSO note – you might be having deja vu if you're a big fan of LEGO. There's a system called LEGO IDEAS that's been online in one form or another for several years. They've created some of the most awesome LEGO sets released since the beginning of the brick! Let's hope OnePlus's IDEAS has similarly positive results.