OnePlus Buds are $1 at 4 times today - AirPods alternative anyone?

Today the folks at OnePlus are making what appears to be a very, very limited number of their wireless earbuds available for one dollar. That's $1 instead of $79 for the OnePlus Buds, $1 instead of $50 for the Bullets Wireless Z, and "free shipping" for the OnePlus Buds Z throughout the day. Based on what we've experienced with these earbuds, there's almost certainly no way a $1 cost is higher than the value they present.

Take a peek at our feature from back in July of 2020 called OnePlus Buds better than AirPods with one key feature to see what's up. It's about that charge speed! OnePlus Buds charge to 10 hours of charge time in 10 minutes. They're ready to roll with OnePlus phones, Android phones of most sorts, and iPhones too.

There'll be several "rounds" of claims for OnePlus earbuds throughout the day on November 18, 2020. That's the same day this article is set to be published. The first timeframe is 11AM EST – that's likely all claimed by the time you read this article.

The next time is 12 EST (noon), that'll be the Bullets Wireless Z for $1. At 1PM EST (13:00) there'll be a round of OnePlus Buds for $1 instead of nearly $80, then at 14:00 (2PM EST) there'll be a $1 for Bullets Wireless Z coupon round. You'll likely need to pay shipping in all cases, save the "free shipping" for OnePlus Buds Z claim near the bottom of the list in the link you'll see in the paragraph below.

To be extra clear here, we're not making any sort of commission on any sales OnePlus is making here. Not that there'd be much to make at a $1 anyway. They've also got a T-Mobile 5G system going on right now with "OnePlus Go Father" 5G action, too. That's on the same OnePlus Day page as the buds above. That doesn't seem strange at all!

Now, if only these were the OnePlus Buds Z special edition we saw back on October 14. Instead they'll be the basic white or black – with the same specifications, of course!