OnePlus Buds better than AirPods with one key feature

The first truly wireless earbuds from OnePlus were leaked just before official reveal earlier this month – now we're seeing how they're going to sell. The company's still not truly revealed the earbuds called OnePlus Buds in their entirety, but we're getting more information on their key features, day by day, info bit by bit. Today's key bit of detail on the OnePlus Buds has to do with charging – and the fact that they won't be released with wireless charging abilities.

No wireless charging of the earbuds means OnePlus Buds won't be "better" than Apple AirPods with their wireless charging case. Not in that one respect, anyway. But because OnePlus is putting all their eggs in one other KEY charging basket, they would appear to have an edge over Apple's hero earbuds.

The OnePlus Buds chosen charging technology is OnePlus's own Warp Charge. With this system, OnePlus Buds Project Manager Jay Liu told TechRadar, OnePlus Buds will charge "to 10 hours of total charge in just 10 minutes." Apple's AirPods charge up to approximately 5 hours of total charge in approximately 15 minutes.

As it is with all "fast charge" methods for mobile devices on the market today, this system will slow charging as it reaches a full battery. This is done in order to keep stress for the battery at a minimum, and avoid any mishaps with the battery due to far-too-speedy power transfer. The OnePlus Buds will work with "any" charger greater than 10w with increased charge speeds – and faster with the official OnePlus charger in the box.

The OnePlus Buds charging case has a 430mAh Lithium Ion battery inside for charging up the buds. The case maxes out charging at 5v 1.5A. We do not yet know the exact size of the battery in the earbuds themselves, but the 430mAh battery in the case is quoted by OnePlus as offering an extra 20 hours of battery life to the buds. OnePlus suggests that the OnePlus Buds will last approximately 30 hours on their own with a single full charge.

OnePlus Buds will be revealed in full on July 21, 2020, right alongside OnePlus Nord. Stick around as we learn more about the buds, their price, release date, and more.