OneNote, FiftyThree partner to add Pencil and Paper support

Digital handwriting has come a long way over the years, and a new feature coming to OneNote called Ink Shape Recognition will further refine that; this new feature will recognize and refine the shapes one writes into perfect shapes. A scraggly looking hand-drawn circle, for example, will automatically transform into a perfect circle. In addition, Microsoft has announced that OneNote and FiftyThree have partnered to bring the latter company's Pencil and Paper products to OneNote on iPad.

The Ink Shape Recognition feature won't be arriving until next month, but when it does, it'll be available on OneNote for Windows 10, the iPad, and iPad Pro. The iPad Pro, as well, has also now gained support for the Apple Pencil, Apple's recently introduced stylus. Those who use the regular iPad and prefer FiftyThree's Pencil stylus are also in luck.

A new partnership between OneNote and FiftyThree brings the latter company's stylus to the iPad. In addition, FiftyThree's Paper app now has OneNote integration for sending content to shared OneNote notebooks. OneNote has also gained support for the Surface Pen and Pen Tip. The new Surface Pen came alongside the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book announcement.

The new Surface Pen and Pen Tip kit aren't yet available (excepting the preorders), but will be shipping on October 26; it makes sense that Microsoft would move to quickly to ensure those who grab the stylus will be able to use it with the company's own Office applications.

SOURCE: Office Blog