OneDrive gives extra 100GB to first 100,000 users post-rebrand

Microsoft is giving OneDrive early adopters a 100GB bonus for checking out the newly-renamed cloud storage service, after having rebranded globally earlier today. The promotion, which is offered to the first 100,000 people to sign into OneDrive today, is on top of the regular 7GB of storage Microsoft offers to all new sign-ups.

The extra promotional storage is valid for a year, so anybody finding another 100GB chunk waiting for them will have it until around February 19th, 2015. There's a chance for a little more room by referring other users, turning on synchronization, and backing up for the first time.

Competition among cloud services has been relatively fierce over the past few years, with Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive (nee SkyDrive) two of a range of options that includes Dropbox and Box. Microsoft's strategy has been to push the broad spectrum of devices its service can be used with, from PC and Mac, through Xbox, to Windows Phone.

That's likely to be even more of a focus when Nokia's phone business is brought under the Microsoft umbrella, with the acquisition expected to be completed sometime this quarter.

Nonetheless, Microsoft also offers apps for iOS and Android, including features like auto-upload to automatically send new photos straight to the cloud. You can log into OneDrive with your existing Microsoft account.