Microsoft OneDrive now available globally on all major platforms

Shane McGlaun - Feb 19, 2014
Microsoft OneDrive now available globally on all major platforms

We mentioned back in late January that Microsoft had been forced to rebrand its cloud storage system from SkyDrive to OneDrive. That move came after Microsoft lost a legal battle with Sky Broadcasting in Europe. The rebranding is now official and Microsoft has announced that OneDrive is available globally.

OneDrive is the same thing that SkyDrive was and if you were a SkyDrive customer, Microsoft says you are already all set. All your files will be in the OneDrive experience and all those former SkyDrive users need to do is head over to and log in. The re-branded service gives you space to store your photos, videos, and documents in one place.

OneDrive does get some new capabilities according to Microsoft. The new capabilities include automatic camera backup from Android devices and the ability to share videos as easily as you can share photos. The amount of storage given to users has increased with 7GB of storage space available free.

Users can also get more storage space for referring other users with up to 5GB of additional free storage for referrals in 500GB increments. Users that take advantage of the camera backup feature will get an additional 3GB of storage. OneDrive is available on all major platforms and devices. It is offered on Windows PC, Windows Phone, Mac, iPhone, and Android devices.

SOURCE: OneDrive

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