Official Nexus One Accessories incoming: Car Dock and Desktop Dock

Last week we asked where all the Google Nexus One accessories were hiding, and with still no sign of any official peripherals for the handset we're happy at least to see official confirmation of the upcoming Nexus One Car Dock.  Commenter Chris Roberts flagged up mention of the Car Dock in Google's online documentation for the Nexus One, where it's tipped to be "coming soon".

We first heard about the Nexus One Car Dock back in December, when mention of the peripheral was discovered in a leaked ROM for the smartphone.  It was then spotted clearing the FCC at the end of the year, complete with some sort of Bluetooth functionality, though Google have released no details as to how that functionality will operate.  According to the online documentation the Nexus One will automatically go into Car Home mode when placed into the Car Dock.

Meanwhile an online support question about official Nexus One accessories prompted a Google employee to suggest that "The docking stations for Nexus One are not available at this time. Stay tuned though, they should be available soon."  That implies that not only the Car Dock but the Nexus One Desktop Dock are coming sooner rather than later.