Novitec Ferrari F8 Spider has an 802HP turbo V8 engine

What happens when German tuning house Novitec tinkers with an Italian open-top supercar? The result is an 802HP Ferrari F8 Spider that scoots from zero to 60 mph in 2.6-seconds, three-tenths of a second faster than a stock version's 2.9-seconds. It still has the same 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8 engine, but Novitec threw in its N-Tronic control module to make critical adjustments to the electronic boost control, injection mapping, and ignition.

The outcome is 802 horsepower and 662 pound-feet of torque, 91 more horses and 94 more torques than a stock Ferrari F8 Spider. It also has more power than the Novitec Ferrari F8 Tributo. Accompanying its mighty powerful turbo V8 engine is an exclusive Novitec carbon fiber body kit, including a two-piece front spoiler, carbon flaps on the bumper, and a carbon spoiler lip. Alternatively, you can order a proper rear wing or a sleeker ducktail rear spoiler, and all the aero bits are available in body color or naked carbon fiber.

Other goodies like a Novitec engine cover (with integrated ventilation slots and carbon panels), a Novitec rear diffuser, custom door handles, and new wing mirrors are part of the styling upgrade. Also new are Novitec rocker panels to give the Ferrari a sleeker vibe. Moreover, the athletic stance is courtesy of bespoke 21-inch front and 22-inch rear Vossen forged wheels wrapped in sticky performance tires.

That's not all. The Novitec Ferrari F8 spider comes standard with a front hydraulic suspension system, allowing the driver to raise the car's front by 1.57-inches (40 millimeters) to clear parking garages and speed bumps. And in case you left it in the raised position, the system automatically reverts to its original height upon reaching 50 mph (80 kph). In addition, Novitec sports springs are optional for a 1.38-inch (35 millimeters) lower ride height.

Don't forget to order the optional Inconel exhaust system with 100-cell metal catalysts if you like this Ferrari. Developed exclusively by Novitec, you can even select 999 fine-gold platings for better heat dissipation and superior engine breathing. The innovative muffler system is available with or without active exhaust flaps.

Meanwhile, potential buyers can customize the car's leather and Alcantara interior with an almost endless array of colors. Pricing remains unknown at this time, but a stock Ferrari F8 Spider has a $280,000 base price.