Notion Ink's Adam 2 tablet tipped for December unveil

For a while, Notion Ink led the conversation when it came to tablets, certainly those running Android. Now, the Indian company hopes to do the same again, with CEO Rohan Shravan promising that the Adam 2 tablet should show up in December this year. Speaking to Light Reading India, Shravan refused to detail what hardware changes could be expected in the second-gen slate.

However, given Notion Ink's early commitment to Tegra 2, an obvious path might be the NVIDIA Kal-El quadcore processor expected early to make its debut in August. A Pixel Qi display is also likely, and the panel company has recently been showing super slimline sunlight-readable options from its latest range.

Shravan declined to reveal how many of the first-gen Adam tablets had actually been sold, though did say that Notion Ink was "self-sustaining without outside investment." As the mixed feedback from owners showed in the aftermath of the Adam launch, however, there's more to a product than its hardware: Notion Ink found the hard way that dissatisfied customers could be very vocal and was forced to boost aftersales support as a result. The recent demise of Viliv is only more evidence that imaginative gadgets struggle to escape their niche.

[via Android Community and via Liliputing]