Nokia N96 at Best Buy costs $800 unsubsidized

The Nokia N96 has begun to show up at Best Buy stores, where it's immediately set to work putting the BlackBerry Bold unsubsidized prices to shame.  While we scoffed at Best Buy's $660 Bold price, we're spluttering uncontrollably at the N96 coming in at $799.99.  That gets you a 16GB 3G handset with 5-megapixel autofocus camera.

Apparently Best Buy have learnt from their rather poor showing of the N96's predecessor, the N95 8GB, and will be having working display units on show in prominent positions.  Not that much of a surprise when they're such big-ticket items. 

All that remains to be seen is what wallet-mauling CompUSA do to the Nokia, if they choose to sell it.  Their unsubsidized BlackBerry Bold price was a jaw-dropping $800.