Nokia Internet Tablet wireless PC sub-display hack

If you like the idea of a secondary LCD screen, such as Nanovision's UM-7x0 series, but are feeling less than flushed with cash after the holidays, how about turning your Nokia Internet Tablet into a wireless sub-display?  Obviously that's only helpful if you already have a Nokia Internet Tablet, but assuming that's the case there's a relatively straightforward guide at the Internet Tablet Talk forums.  In effect, you use a virtual display driver called ZoneScreen to fool your Windows 2k/XP/Vista PC into treating the Tablet as another monitor.

The PC needs to be running a VNC app, as does the Internet Tablet (which you can install on your N770, N800 or N810 from the on-device extras App Manager).  A follow-up tweak to the guide shows you how to fool a Vista PC into thinking that it's got a second, physically attached display, and thus not disabling the Aero GUI.

The sub-display runs at 800 x 480, which is a decent resolution considering it's just a 4.13-inch panel.  Of course, if you'd rather use your Internet Tablet as a wireless keyboard and mouse, check out this hack.

[via Unwired View]