Nokia boosts Cinemagraph sharing for Lumia lineup

The fine folks behind the camera software working with the Nokia Lumia smartphones on the market today have revealed a great boost for one of the odder features: Cinemagraph – the gif-maker. With this app made by Nokia to work directly with the camera built-in to the device you're able to create images called Cinemagraphs – still images (in .gif format) that have moving components. This app has been available for the Nokia Lumia smartphones working with Windows Phone 8 since their inception, today's update bringing on sharing like never before.

This sharing update for Cinemagraph builds in a Share menu where there wasn't one before. What you'll be able to do now is share your images with Facebook, Twitter, email, or through messaging. Because the images aren't supported in their original gif format (moving, that is), Nokia is providing their own server space to users free of charge to share with the various social networks connected here in this fabulous new update.

Click above image for connected animated share page.

Therefor if you share with Facebook, you don't get the image planted in your Facebook gallery, you get a link to a website with your image there animated on its own. Have a peek at a Cinemagraph of a cup of Mountain Dew shared to the Cinemagraph webpage right here, and take note of how public it is: [Cinemagraph Share]. Below you'll also see a tiny gallery outlining the terms you agree to when you first sign up to get this update to the app – beware, but also just chill out and use it.

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