Nintendo Switch Pro reveal date tipped pre-release

The latest leaked plan for Nintendo's next-generation console suggests a streamed event this week. The next Nintendo Switch is rumored to come with an advanced touchscreen display, significantly improved graphics abilities, and a new NVIDIA processor inside. A leak this week suggests that Nintendo could be ready to release this (as yet unannounced) console as early as July of 2021.

According to leaker @Shpeshal_Nick, a Nintendo Direct event is scheduled for Thursday of this week. That'd be the 3rd of June, 2021. Nick suggests that this Nintendo Direct / Announcement will feature the new Nintendo Switch Pro, or as he wishes it'd be called, Super Nintendo Switch (not a bad idea!) Nick noted that this announcement has been "pushed before" and "could be again."

Take a peek at our feature Nintendo Switch Pro: Upcoming handheld gaming console explained to learn all there is to know about the new piece of hardware and all that's possible with its innards. This new device will likely take on a form very similar to its predecessor but will add processor power and graphics processing abilities both on-screen and through its HDMI-capable dock.

If we follow with NVIDIA's advances since the original Nintendo Switch was released, it's reasonable to assume that the next device will feature systems like NVIDIA DLSS 2.0, content upscaling, and a new "Tegra X1+" chipset. This new device will likely roll with at least 128GB internal storage (with the option to expand via SD card, as per usual), and 8GB RAM.

This new Nintendo Switch Pro will almost certainly be able to run all the same games and software that currently runs on the standard Nintendo Switch. If you already own a Nintendo Switch, a new Nintendo Switch Pro will likely be an improvement in performance and graphics finesse. Take a peek at the timeline below for more insight, and cross your fingers for healthy in-store stock!