Nintendo Switch Lite back in stock (for now)

Without much fanfare the Nintendo Switch Lite returned to in-stock status at several stores in the USA this week in several bright colors. It would appear that stock has been released for sale in stores online like Amazon, Best Buy, and Target. You'll find the Turquoise version available at each of these stores, while gray seems to be sold out everywhere by Amazon, and Target's the only location with a Yellow version of the console.

Stock of the device as we've outlined here implies "original" price, or "base" price. If you're excited (or desperate) enough to buy the Nintendo Switch Lite for more than Nintendo's intended $200 USD price, you'll find your options a bit more broad. Yellow, Coral, and Gray can all be attained at several 3rd-party stores and in auctions for well over the original asking price.

The Lite version of the Nintendo Switch is slightly different from the original in several very important ways, as we've outlined in our full review of the device. If you take a peek at our big Nintendo Switch Lite review you'll see all the ways in which the Switch Lite "stacks up to the standard Switch" as of October of 2019.

In short – if you're looking for the full Nintendo Switch experience, you're still going to want to seek out the original Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch Lite can play most of the same games, but you're no longer dealing with a device that's made for as versatile an experience as the original. The original has detachable controls and is meant to be just as much a TV-based console as it is a personal hand-held gaming machine – the Lite is meant to be just the basics.

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