Nintendo reportedly considering Android for 'NX' console

Very little is known about Nintendo's next console, currently codenamed the "NX," and it seems the company plans to keep it that way for a while, as they've already said they won't be revealing anything until sometime in 2016. However, the Japanese business newspaper Nikkei has reported that Nintendo is looking into using Android as the forthcoming system's operating system. This is still pure speculation at this point, and from the sounds of it Nintendo hasn't made a final decision on the matter, however it sounds like it may be part of a new effort to lure developers.

The basis for Nintendo choosing to use the Android OS would be to make it both easier and faster for third-party developers to produce games for the NX. As Android is a far more open platform and something most developers have experience working with.

It's not clear at this point if the NX is to be a replacement for either the Wii U home console or the Nintendo 3DS handheld system, however some rumors point to it existing alongside the two, capable of being played at home and while on the go. Nintendo has a long history of designing their own hardware operating systems, but the Wii U and 3DS have been criticized for having slow OS features like menus and apps. So using Android would also benefit Nintendo, allowing them to focus on creating great games.

There's no doubt that Nintendo would use a highly modified version of Android, so don't expect things like a Chrome browser or the Google Play store. With Nintendo's recent decision to finally release games for smartphones and tablets in the near future, it's clear they realize they need to attract third-party developers and make it enticing for them to make games for the NX. A universal operating system would be a good place to start.

VIA Eurogamer