Nintendo 3DS XL with 4.3-inch 3D tipped for E3 reveal

Nintendo is reportedly readying an oversized version of the 3DS glasses-free 3D handheld, potentially the Nintendo 3DS XL, with a bigger display for launch at E3 2012 this week. The new version, so Japanese paper Nikkei claims, will use a 4.3-inch display rather than the 3.53-inch panel of the existing model.

Specifications beyond that are unclear, and it's not certain whether Nintendo will be changing any other specifications of the 3DS bar screen size. It's also unstated as to whether both top and bottom screens will be upscaled, or if only the stereoscopic 3D panel will be boosted.

Nintendo has a track-record of supersizing its gaming handhelds, with the Nintendo DSi XL being a scaled-up iteration of the original DSi. The Japanese company billed it as ideal for older gamers keen to get involved in the "brain-training" titles fashionable at the time.

The news would be only part of Nintendo's E3 announcements this week. Over the weekend, Nintendo revealed a slight redesign of the Wii U tablet, along with a new Wii U Pro Controller and the social network Miiverse.

[via Geek; via Andriasang]