Nintendo 3DS Launching November 11th in Japan, German Tabloid Reveals

The speculation around the launch of the Nintendo 3DS is picking up speed. Today's news, coming from a German tabloid called Bild suggests that the launch date may indeed be sooner than that previously mentioned November 20th, And with Nintendo's announcement regarding pricing and release dates coming on September 29th, still, the rumor mill is picking up speed with speculation and anticipation fueling the motion.

According to the German tabloid, in just a couple of days Nintendo is going to announce that the 3DS, the portable gaming system offering glasses-free 3D gaming, will be hitting retail shelves in Japan on November 11th. It goes on to say that the device will launch in Europe some time in the Spring, and feature a price around 200 EUR, or about $270. The tabloid goes on to add that launch titles will include Ocarina of Time 3DS, Mario Kart 3DS, and a brand new Professor Layton title.

Bild is knowing in the gaming market as not being all that accurate, all the time. And, it could certainly be true that this is the launch plan Nintendo has sketched out for their 3DS, but those plans could change, even if the announcement is in two days. In any event, if those leaked specifications of the device are true, the wait will probably be worth it.

[via IGN]