Nexus 5 MEMS Lytro camera code a case of mistaken identity

Through some heavy digging in files sourced from a real-deal Nexus 5 in the wild, sources this week have turned up mention of what they believe was MEMS camera technology in this next-generation smartphone. Using files uncovered by Myce, the folks at Android World appear to have discovered the exact camera module (or at least part of it) that'll be used in Google's next Nexus smartphone. The Sony image sensor imx179 appears in these files, leading the blogsphere to believe – again, sourcing Android World – that they've found a perfect connection to MEMS technology – also used in the Lytro camera.

The point at which confusion arises here is where the folks at Android World see the code imx179 and, as they say, "from then on it was to dig a little on Google looking for information". They turn up the first Google result – this PDF – which shows Digital Optics first MEMS autofocus camera with the imx179 inside. The problem here is that the imx179 does not only appear in this camera architecture – it's a Sony image sensor that's not limited to this construct at all.

So the verdict is this: while the camera on the Nexus 5 may indeed be on par with what's presented by Digital Optics, it's just as likely that it'll be something like what's presented with the Meizu MX3, a device which also uses the Sony imx179 image sensor.

Meanwhile there's report from a "cloak and dagger" meeting had between an inside source and TechRadar which suggests the Nexus 5 will be delivered by the end of October. They also say that the device will have specifications that match that of the iPhone 5s, so believe what you wish.

Have a peek at the timeline below for more Nexus 5 bits and pieces and see if you can put the puzzle together before Google lays it all out with clarity, sooner than later!