Nexus 5 leak: real fake prototype is only sensible Google move

Right here at the beginning of the week we've seen a geek wish-list of specifications for the Nexus 5, a smartphone that at the moment hasn't been confirmed nor denied by Google or the manufacturer that'll be creating it. With the Nexus smartphone line in the past, Google has selected one of three different manufacturers to create their masterpiece – HTC, Samsung, or (most recently) LG. The leak we're seeing this week implies another LG release, complete with Nexus 4 specifications booted up to the next level.

With the Google Nexus 4, we saw the then-best Qualcomm processor busting out on the LG Optimus G-inspired handset with glass back and front, near-highest density display on the planet, and Snapdragon S4 Pro processor under the hood. Now that the Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 has begun showing up on smartphones here and there – on the LG Optimus G Pro and the HTC One for now, the Samsung GALAXY S 4 in the near future, we can expect the next-generation Google phone to step things up a bit.

According to this leak, the next LG-made "Nexus 5" unit will contain the following:

• 5.2-inch (1920 x 1080) OLED display

• 2.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor

• 3GB of RAM

• 3300 mAh battery

• 16, 32, or 64GB internal storage

• Camera Front: 2.1 megapixel with 1080p recording at 30fps

• Camera Back: 16 megapixel with 4k recording at 30fps or 1080p recording at 60fps

Does that seem to follow any device specification line to you? Does it make sense for Google to reveal a device that high-quality when the Samsung GALAXY S 4 and HTC One were just announced – just in the past few weeks, mind you – with a step down in nearly every respect?

Meanwhile Google also has Motorola now. Google owns Motorola, and while they've been clear that they've still got some work to do before they can begin to think about releasing Google-inspired products from top to bottom, the big M is next on the list of manufacturers the big G might use to create another Nexus. If you count the Motorola XOOM, this hardcore hardware maker has already had a Nexus shot in tablet form.

Now it's time to bring on a Motorola X Phone. It's not really sensible that Google would bring a Motorola Nexus device this year to Google I/O – it's not that far away, after all – but perhaps by next year, the game could be on.

Head over to Android Community for more specifications and discussion, and hit up the timeline below for more talk of where the Nexus line is now – and where it'll be later this year.