New Pandora console shows latest design refresh

We've seen it run Quake at 60fps, now it's time for the latest shots of the open-source Pandora handheld gaming console.  Bearing the mark of the latest design refresh, only now in-the-plastic, the console is certainly looking more professional, and that will only increase once they reach the large-scale production line rather than these one-offs.

Now, this isn't a production model but a CNC custom case and the guy who put it together admits that he "messed up" getting the keyboard level, but it's great to see the Pandora another step closer to production readiness.  As you might expect from a largely collaborative design, the feedback is still rolling in and being taken on board; latest to prompt suggestions is the raised Pandora logo on the outside of the lid, which some believe is too prominent.

Craigix, whose unit it is, is promising a video of the Pandora, so we'll be able to get a better look at the new design in the plastic rather than merely in renders.  No word on final release dates; it's getting perilously close to the end of 1H09, which makes us doubt Pandora will meet the last predicted release window.

[via Gadgetoid - thanks Martin!]