New iPad Hot Five Retina Apps Countdown

This week the developers are really coming in hot with the Retina Display-ready applications and games for the new iPad, all of them having had plenty of time to upgrade their wares in the first couple of weeks since the device was released. Though a handful of developers had apps ready and waiting for the dropping of the iPad with its powerful new display, some second-wave heroes, like Rovio in this case, are bringing the fury with intensely well-selling games like Angry Birds: Space HD. Have a peek at this best of the best list and forever hold your pixels!

These apps are in no particular order – this is a "count down", so to speak, but not because one is better than the last. We're counting down from five to one, the one being a surprise if ever you'd think to see one. We'll start out with the non-surprise:

Angry Birds: Space HD

Just like the rest of the Angry Birds series, your goal is to launch a collection of circular bird-like characters at your enemy in a side-scrolling puzzle adventure that's absolutely perfect for the touchscreen environment. Here on the new iPad, this Space version of the game shines in perfect high definition with not only sharp vector graphics, but revitalized physics as well. This game will cost you $2.99 on the iTunes App Store right this second. One thing you may want to beware of – there are levels in the game that you'll have to pay extra for once you reach them at the "end" of this limited expansion. That said, 10 million users can't be wrong.

Sidenote: if you enjoy the gravitational pull of the planets in this game and would like to explore more of such oddness, check out the game Osmos for iPad – an undeniable classic.

Pinball HD

This game is one of those that had such fantastic graphics before the new iPad came out that it was just begging to be seen on a Retina-quality display such as you've got in your hands here in 2012. This game is the greatest virtualization of pinball we've ever seen, and now along with its upgrade for the new iPad, it's got in-app purchases of other levels previously only available as separate purchases – all of them created by Gameprom, the masters of this art. Play the three built-in tables for $1.99 from the iTunes App Store then move on to the greatest virtual pinball table of our time: Slayer!


An application which allows you to be an out-of-the-box DJ with two turntables and complete access to the music you've already got rolling on your iPad should be one of the most obviously excellent uses for a tablet. The original DJay app has been upgraded for use with the new iPad's Retina display to show off your tunes with HD controls as you blast out the beats. Check out our full review of the DJay app as well as the Griffin DJ Cable all in one, and download the app instantly. The app will cost you $9.99 from the iTunes App Store and worth every penny – everything you need to get your house party started is here, including automatic controls!

iTunes Movie Trailers

For brand NEW to iPad users, I'll always recommend this app – not just because it's free and shows movie trailers, (which is awesome,) but because Apple made it to look good while delivering content made to look good on a device made to look good while delivering it. For an awesome treat, download this app for free from the iTunes App Store and find the trailers for Prometheus. Therein lies your greatest example of awesome HD video on your new iPad – get shocked!

Infinity Blade II

This game is astounding – not just because Apple suggests it specifically to show off the new iPad and also chose the previous version to show off the iPad 2, but because it just keeps showing up in our lists of "best of" iPad games (with a full review here to back it up). There's simply been nothing else released that can compare with its radical mix of on-screen controls, graphics, and ability to make us play for hours and hours... and hours. Grab this game for $6.99 from the iTunes App Store and take note of the screenshot – try to find that Easter Egg helmet for great justice!