New Google VR 6DoF controllers: More details

This week the folks behind Google's Daydream VR universe revealed they'd made a pair of new controllers. These controllers look something like a cross between their earliest Daydream controller and a PlayStation Move – or better yet, just a PSVR controller, but a tiny bit different. These new controllers are not (yet) available to the public, they'll be sent first to game developers and app developers interested in taking VR to a new level.

These controllers work with an optical tracking system that uses "off-the-shelf parts" as well as machine learning to estimate their position. This is "instead of using expensive external cameras and sensors that have to be carefully calibrated" (see: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift). With parts and devices that already exist in this world, Google will "accurate estimate the 3D position and orientation of the controllers."

With this approach, Google's intending to "reduce the need for expensive hardware" as well as "make 6DoF experience more accessible to more people." Features included with this new controller are as follows.

• Optical 6DoF controller tracking

• Touchpad with Touchpad Click Button (touching, swiping, clicking)

• Trigger (6DoF controller only)

• Grip Button (6DoF controller only) (fingers!)

• Daydream button (return to Daydream Dashboard)

• App Button (custom to each app)

This week's announcements from Google also tipped off new features developers can work with soon. That includes See-Through Mode for headsets with cameras, Smartphone Android Apps in VR, and an expanded effort to get developers onboard for the future of VR with Daydream. Developers can take a peek at applying to get these controllers over at Google right now.

The experimental 6DoF controllers shown today by Google work with the Lenovo Mirage Solo, specifically. This unique VR headset was released earlier this year. Have a peek at our Lenovo Mirage Solo Review and see the basis for Google's next-generation Daydream release.