Motorola’s Moto Maker international launch due Q2

Chris Davies - Feb 25, 2014, 1:48 pm CST
Motorola’s Moto Maker international launch due Q2

Motorola’s Moto Maker customization tool for the Moto X will spread internationally in Q2, the company has confirmed, offering buyers a way to create their own combination of colors for the Android handset. Launched in the US back in August, for the moment Moto Maker has only been offered in the one location. As of next quarter, though, buyers in Western Europe and Mexico will get the same abilities.

The tool was initially an AT&T exclusive, though Motorola opened it up to the four major US carriers in November last year. Until that point – and as is still the case internationally – the Moto X had only been available in all-black or all-white form, aside from on AT&T.

Moto Maker allows for different color combinations of front and back panel, button color, and other finishes to be selected, as we found during our initial walkthrough. Motorola also added software customization, with buyers of the Moto X able to select the preloaded wallpaper, what message showed up on the screen at boot, and whether their Google account was automatically signed-in for them at delivery.

However, it took until last month for some of Motorola’s more unusual finishes – including wood – to be added.

So far, only the Moto X has made use of the tool, with the more affordable Moto G instead getting user-interchangeable back panels.

“We’re big believers in choice” Motorola’s Steve Horowitz told SlashGear. “If you look at Moto X and Moto Maker, and even Moto G, it’s about the consumer making a statement that’s personal to them. Whether it’s the color of the back, or even the material, or the replaceable backs of the Moto G.”

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