Motorola XOOM gets Android 3.0.1 update for Flash support

Motorola has begun pushing out a new update for the XOOM tablet, which updates the slate to Android 3.0.1.  The new firmware, build number HRI66 – which Motorola tweeted was to pave the way for the incoming Flash Player 10.2 update – currently lacks a build log, so it's hard to know what else may have changed.

However, it's also believed to contain a daylight-savings-time fix, ahead of the clocks changing this coming weekend. As for when Flash Player 10.2 will arrive exactly, we still don't know; Motorola and Adobe said "2-3 weeks" back in late February, which could mean any day now, and a quick launch might give the XOOM a chance to overshadow the iPad 2 which went on sale in the US this morning.

[via Android Community]